About Alex Hill



The connectivity between fashion, music and identity are an on going thread within my work. The relationship between language, dress and sound to create and explore identity continue drove my creative practice.


Dedicated to celebrating, promoting and developing the diversity of fashion and style. Motivated to support, nurture and educate those who wish to pursue a career within the industry. 


NFW sets out to celebrate fashion by developing links between those studying fashion, customers who love fashion, and those working in the fashion sector. At its core, NFW has sought to focus on Norwich’s home-made talents and businesses which has created an edgy, ‘fringe’ and youthful trait to NFW. It also has a particular emphasis on developing opportunities to integrate vocational education into business, by providing experiential learning for students and a public platform to exhibit their skills. The NFW formula has involved set-piece fashion shows, modelling competitions (with contracts for winners), visual merchandising, competitions, in-store fashion events, in-store designer events, a vintage fashion strand, hairdressing and make-up events, plus in-the-street activity such as fashion processions.